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Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 08:25:51 -0400From: wizkid24yahoo.comSubject: dreaming-of-jaye-2The following story is a work of fiction, with a touch of realitythrown in. For the most part this story is more of a "what-if"and should be treated as such. The names have been changed to protectthose who may be recognizable. The time frame has also been changed tosuit my memory (or lack thereof).If you are offended by stories of male-male sexual contact, thenplease find something else to read. If it is unlawful in your areato read or download such material, do us both a favor and don't look.Comments, and suggestions can be directed to wizkid24yahoo.com andthrough yahoo pager to wizkid24. Email in HTML format will be ignored.----------------------------------------------------------------------I didn't see Jaye all summer. I had to spend it at my father'splace. Jaye must have been crushed, it wasn't until just before schoolstarted that i wrote to him. I had to break the news that I wastransferring to Cortland that year. I wasn't going to be able to seehim except on weekends that I spent at my mom's. He never Preteen Nude Pics wrote backto me, or if he did, my nosey stepsister got to letter before Idid. Aww, man! That's how she guessed.One afternoon, after work, she and I started talking about her boytroubles. That's when I slipped. "Why don't you just go back with Bobby? He's cute." I said.Not exactly the way I wanted to come out, but this was as good a timeas any. The look on her face was priceless. "He's what?" Katie's eyes nearly fell out of her head when itfinally sunk in. "You think he's cute? I just knew you weregay" "No, wait! I'm not gay. Uh...uh, I'm bi" "But you're too good looking to like guys, you're Preteen Nude Pics toonice. You just like guys because you can't find the rightgirl." The shock phase went right to denial.Little did we realize that my step-mother had come home and wasevesdropping on the whole conversation. That night, while I was at mymom's, Katie spilled her guts to her mother. I was on a roll thatweekend so I told my mom, too. I did let her know that I wasn't quiteaccepting of the fact yet, and I didn't completely understand it. "I don't know, Ma, I might find the right girl." I was tryingto convince myself as much as I was trying to convince her. "Well, I kinda thought you were that way, the way you and EJhang out all the time. Ya know Fred..." Uh oh, she called meby name. "That's probably why you've been sick lately. Thatlifestyle isn't exactly heathy." "Ma! I'm the only person he's slept with!" "For your sake, I hope you're right"That comment just burned me up inside, I stormed off to my room andslammed the door behind me. I decided to bury my nose in a book, butgot bored with it soon afterwards. It got me mellowed out at least. Iheaded for the living room. "Hey, Ma. Can I go to Jaye's place?" "I suppose so." "I mean Jaye's not Preteen Nude Pics EJ's" "Where's he live?" "I don't know, here's the address he gave me, I can'tpronounce the street name." I handed her the little sheet thatJaye gave to me on our trip back from DC. "Oh, way out there. I can't today, we still have to go schoolshopping at Pyramid Mall, for you and your brother"It took us three hours to get through that blasted mall. Usually Ienjoy going shopping with her, but all I could think about was beingable to see Jaye again. I was worried that if I didn't see him thatvery weekend, then I might not see him again.I never made it out to see Jaye, that weekend. My time in CortlandHigh was short-lived. I felt sick constantly, and my mom was sick ofhaving to take me from school, to the doctor's, to my dad's, and soon. In my first three weeks of attending, I only made it to 10 days ofclass. Back to Dryden I went, mom's orders but, I was happy that Iwould be able to see Jaye again.The first day back was fantastic, Jaye was in three of my classes,plus PhysEd. I especially liked the idea of him being in my Englishclass. I sat behind Preteen Nude Pics him, so it was easy to chit chat with him.The other good thing about English class was having Tara sit next tome. It must have made that teacher nuts, the three of us were aboutthe chattiest kids in the class.I got settled in to my class schedule fairly quick. Something wasstill bothering me, Jaye was being rather distant with me. Sure wewere talking, but it was mostly about school work. I let this carry onfor a couple of months, until one afternoon during study hall, Taraapproached me. "Fred, what's going on between you and Jaye?" She asked. Therewas nowhere for me to run. "I was hoping you could tell me. He seems a bit uncomfortablearound me. Has he said anything to you? I'm sure he told youabout the trip to DC." I was babbling on, not really guessingthat he kept quiet about what went on during the trip. She had the look of wonder on her face. "No, he didn't sayanything about DC," her look turned to a concerned one, "whathappened? Did you two get in a fight?" "Ha, far from it. If we did, then his attitude toward me wouldbe easy to explain" "Well, tell me, what happened between you two. You guys werebuddy-buddy last year." "You really want to know?" She nodded for me to go on. "Nowpromise you won't say anything to him, I don't want himfreaking out" "Yes, I promise. Now spill!" She was really exasperated atthis point. With a deep breath I said, "I told him I was bisexual..."another deep breath, "and I gave him a blow job in thebathroom." "You're what? Do you have any idea how big a crush he Preteen Nude Pics had onyou last year? This is so great. So do you like him, do youhave a boyfriend" "Whoa, wait, backup. Did you hear the last part of what Isaid? I gave him a blowjob, in the bathroom, during our DCtrip. Isn't it obvious that I like him?" Then I jokingly said,"You wanna take some notes there, blondie." She just glared at me for that comment. "That's why he getsnervous when I mention your name. So, how much did he have topay?" "Not a damn thing, I only made that story up to hide the factthat I Preteen Nude Pics am gay. Hey, how did you know? I thought he didn't tellyou anything about the trip." Tara has always been good atsnagging me into spilling my guts to her, and now my face wasturning a bright shade of red, knowing that she snagged meagain. "He didn't say anything about the blowjob, just that you saidyou were a protitute. Is that why he shys away from you?" "Tara, newsflash! I have no idea why he won't talk to me likehe used to. I was hoping you could tell me." "No, I can't. I think he's afraid you might charge him moneythe next time you guys did anything." "Oh gawd. Why did I have to come up with that bullshit story?"I asked myself. Turning to her, I asked, "So, do you know ifhe likes me? I mean...more than as a friend." I could see she was ready to burst with laughter. "You meanyou haven't gotten that figured out yet? Hello! Why doyou think I'm asking you all these questions about the wayhe's acting, I thought you two had broken up or something." "We haven't even gone out together. Besides, you know thestory I gave him." "Fred," she looked me dead in the eye, "yes, I know about thatstory of you being a whore, I just thought you could havegiven it up to be with Jaye. Anyway, it's almost time to getout of here. He has practice with the swim team today afterschool, why do you try to stick around to watch or talk to himafterwards?" "I can't. Don't you think it would look a bit obvious? I mean,I do live six miles from here and there's no bus that runsthat late." "Well, just say that you were at your girlfriend's place. Shelives here in Preteen Nude Pics town, right?" "Who, Arin? She doesn't know that I'm gay, and she won't coverfor me either. I could always call him, better yet, you callhim, I don't want to be asked how I got his phone number." "We have one more class after this one, write him a note andI'll give it to him. He loves the way you write." "Okay, I'll do that. Just make it look like it's from you, idon't want him to toss it without reading it." "Deal, give it to me at my locker before you leave. I'll staylate to catch Jaye after practice."Finally, my chance to get back in Jaye's good graces. Tara met me ather locker and I gave her the note. I told her to give Jaye my phonenumber if he asked for it. I knew she had it from our contact list forchorus class.I headed for my bus, wondering if I had been set up or if she wassincere. At that point I didn't care too much, all I wanted was to beJaye's boyfriend.----------------------------------------------------------------------Well folks, I Preteen Nude Pics know that there wasn't any sex in this one, I couldn'tfigure out a place to put a scene without forcing it. So will Taragive Jaye the note? Send your comments to wizkid24yahoo.com. I try toreply to all email I get.
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